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Bespoke Laser Treatments & Cosmetics LTD are based in Northern Ireland and offer the latest non-surgical cosmetic treatments to hit the Northern Irish market. With the cosmetic industry booming as each year goes by with the want for that perfect body or perfect smile we offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments that give you all the benefits of a surgical proceedure without the downtime or complications. Surgery can not only be an expensive option but also an option associated with many risks, our non-surgical cosmetic treatments take those risks away. Not only that but we will save you money! Now you can have that great smile, flawless skin and a great body from our range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments we have available. We can even stretch to removing any unwanted tattoo's which is becoming evermore popular, now that technology can fully remove a tattoo from your skin. 

With our new non-surgical cosmetic treatment Cryotherapy, we can now offer a non-invasive facelift and an inch loss treatment that will rival LipoSuction but at a fraction of the cost! Its also quite relaxing and pain free, unlike any tummy tuck or surgery! This treatment is new to Northern Ireland and we are the first company to offer it here exclusively!



With our latest Cryotherapy treatment, not only is it a great non-surgical cosmetic treatment but its also great for reducing inflammation and reducing/eliminating pain altogether. This is a great way to help with recovering after a hard training session or if you play sports to recover after a match. If you have a niggling injury why not give it a try to give you that little extra to recover faster! Not only is this great for recovery or for injurys, its great for any sort of inflammation or pain relief! MS, Fibromyalgia & Arthritis sufferers can find this treatment absolutely lifechanging!

For a non-surgical cosmetic treatment or for pain management or injury recovery, look no farther than Bespoke Laser Treatments & Cosmetics LTD

                                                                        LASER TATTOO REMOVAL


Have you got a tattoo you maybe regret and thought you had no choice but to get a worse cover up or leave it? Now there is no need! We offer a fantastic removal service, so now you no longer need to live with that unwanted tattoo!


Get in touch today and make that first step to rectifying that mistake you thought you were stuck with!


                                                                                  Teeth Whitening


Now more than ever it has been important to have that great white hollywood smile and it has never been easier! We have been at the forefront of this industry in northern Ireland for several years and are unrivalled with the success we have had to date. There really is no better treatment available!


We run regular offers so not only do you walk away with a fantastic smile but we will also save you money! What else could you ask for?


                                                                          Laser Skin Rejuvenation 


Blast Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation as its formally known is a rejuvenation treatment for the face that is known for giving a porcelain doll look. It will reduce fine lines, wrinkles & blemishes.


This treatment is listed in the Top 10 beauty treatents in L.A. and has many more amazing benefits.  




With multiple benefits, including instant inch loss, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, acne reduction and pain relief, Cryotherapy is used by professional athletes and celebrities worldwide.


Unlike the cryosaunas, where the whole body is exposed to freezing temperatures, our CryotherapyUK’s treatments avoids the full body shock of the sauna by treating isolated body parts; resulting in a relaxing, energising and refreshing experience.


Book now!

                                                   Home Made Bath Bombs - All Natural Ingredients


Bath Bombs have taken the market by storm and are becoming increasingly popular for men women and children alike. Here at Bespoke Laser Treatments & Cosmetics LTD we have worked tirelessly to produce bath bombs that not only smell and look great but have a number of benefits for your health and wellbeing.


We take enormus pride bringing you an all natural product with no harsh chemicals or preservatives that may cause problems or irritations. Bringing a spa experience to you at home!


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